Creative Rocket Platform

CRP was established in Los Angeles by an eclectic team of experienced business men and women, accomplished artists and successful movie makers who decided to join forces in order to achieve a common purpose, giving a house to all brilliant creative ideas out there.

The Team

CRP's founding members combine decades of experience in the IT field, clear understanding of the delicate creation process and strong bounds within both US and Eastern Asia movie industry.

Composed of 40+ talented staff and supported by an influential network spanning over 7 countries, CRP team is determined to become a key player in the content creation, production and distribution fields.


SOOM Group

Established in 2017, SOOM Group's mission is to develop practical, daily life applications of blockchain technology.
To achieve their goal, SOOM Group's teams combined blockchain technology's unique features with smart phone's ubiquitous network and forged an ecosystem accessible by companies of any size and sector.
The ecosystem is governed by SOOM Foundation, non profit organization established in Switzerland.

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SOOM Group Organization