Profile Management

1. Cloud backed Profile
Users can create their own planet serving as a profile page displaying bio, career, special skills etc.

Planets will grow as users perform activities on the platform and gain endorsement by other users.

2. Fun experience with game leveling environment.
Existing creative content oriented services tend to be accessed by users only for short term, one-time tasks.

To retain users in the long term, CRP provides a game-like environment to encourage its community to continuously use and improve their profile/planet.

Networking Tool

1. Mind-map Search System
CRP search engine, called Hubble, is built as a mind map method.
The search engine will use key words, search all related terms and displayed them as branches from general concept to smallest details - may it be people, shooting gears, filming technics...

2. Smart Search System
Recommendations based on each user's search preferences and history.
Hubble service front placement feature predicts and delivers desired information before users even start searching so that no single detail is missed out.

Project Management Tool

Put ideas into words!

CRP offers a powerful creativity-oriented project management tool using one simple yet effective dashboard for full control of your project.

   - Helping creators putting words on their ideas
   - Assisting in outlining a production plan
   - Monitoring progression
   - Giving easy & full control of the project

Fundraising Service

CRP Token

Rocket Launch is a cutting-edge crowdfunding service, allowing individuals to invest as much or as little as they want into projects they like using CRP Tokens 

Simple, Secure, Transparent

Managed through blockchain and Smart Contracts, investments, payments and profits are bound to be distributed in a simple, secure and transparent manner


Whenever a project is ready to kick-off, CRP team will issue custom tokens allowing the project team to run a most simple and efficient fundraising campaign

Digital Currency Exchange Platform

SOOMEX is an Australia based digital currency exchange platform evolving at the center of CRP fundraising service.
Developed by SOOM Group, it is to be launched by Fall 2019.

In collaboration with SOOM Foundation, all project Tokens issued on CRP will be available for deposit, withdrawal and trade on SOOMEX.

Joining forces with an innovative Exchange Platform is a strong strategic asset for CRP to enable seamless and cost effective money flow within its ecosystem.

Streaming Platform

CRP is closely collaborating with IT experts to launch its own streaming platform alongside with its community & crowdfunding platform. 

Named Plavla, the streaming platform will be at the center of our ecosystem. It will work as a launch pad for each project developed on CRP to find the audience it deserves and flourish without any third party interference.

Plavla will also be the perfect place for everybody involved in the creation process to get fairly and transparently rewarded for their work as contents are consumed and gain in popularity!